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Group Counseling

Well Balanced Counseling will be offering closed Group Counseling series that will range from 6-10 weeks long sessions. Closed Group means that once the series begins we will no longer accept new participants. Topics will range from how to manage Anxiety, to learning how to balances life. Keep checking back for updates regarding Group Counseling series.

Balancing Life Well

This is a Closed Group Series that will offer participants an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into ones life and the possible barriers that keep them from reaching personal goals. Participants will develop personal goals across each area of their lives they would like to see improvements. They will then begin working towards those goals at their own pace as they explore, learn and apply effective coping tools and stress management techniques. 

The Group is offered on Mondays from 4:00-6:00pm beginning 

October 28th and running through December 16th. 

It will be held in the Conference Room at the 

Business Space on Main, 17 West Main Street, Lancaster, Ohio.

Cost for the 8 week group counseling session is $225.

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